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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 13:28:23 -0500, Ray O wrote:

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>> My '88 Supra.
>> Sometimes, if I turn the wheels and come to a stop, when I go to start off
>> again it feels like something is loose in the rear end. It's like a shift
>> from one side to the other. This car has the LSD option.
>> Of course, I crawled around under the car and everything is tight.
>> I need to bleed the brakes, and probably need new pads and rotors for the
>> rear, but that will probably wait until spring. When I do lift the rear
>> end, I'll check the shafts, but when I had it up last year they seemed
>> fine. A cursory check shows boots OK, no rips or tears.
>> I have access to another LSD rear end. The current one is full of gear oil
>> (fresh drain and fill last summer) with a proper LSD additive. When I
>> first did the change last year, it went away for a short time.
>> I checked the level the other day, and it is full.
>> Maybe I'll try some more additive...?
> When you say "turn the wheels" do you mean rotate the rear wheels or do you
> mean turn the steering wheel?

Yeah. Steering wheel. If I come to a stop straight on, it usually doesn't
do it. Esp if I have just come out of a turn oney way, turn the wheels
(steering whel) to set up for a turn in the opposite direction, come to a
stop and then go, it exhibits this problem. Also, note too that the
U-Joints are SHOT!

> Assuming that the car hasn't always behaved like that and that "turning the
> wheels" means turning the steering wheel, check:
> Lug nut torque, make sure the rear wheels are properly seated and tires
> inflated.

This is all OK.

> Suspension mounts, bushings, springs - play in a part that controls lateral
> movement of the rear end, crushed or hardened bushings., etc.

Old springs (20 years...) bad shocks (I have no idea...) crushed,
hardened, crumbling bushings. It's a bit hard to find bushings. There is a
guy that actually contacted a company in his area, made molds from a good
set of bushings, and sells polyurethane bushings front and rear for this
car, but they are stiff. Better than what I have, though. I'm going to do
the entire suspension either before I put the car away for the winter, or
next spring. I have a set of springs that have ~20,000 miles on them.

The front bushings, on the lower control arm cannot be bought separate
otherwise. To get them from Toyota you have to buy the entire lower
control arm for $200 each...

> Look for rips in the CV joint boots, grease on the underbody, etc.

That all looks OK.

> check the bolts on the companion flanges for the shafts

The who? Hmmm....

> Check diff fluid level

Full. So full with both rear wheels off the ground it STILL ran out when I
removed the filler.

> Assuming that you mixed the proper amount of LSD additive, I wouldn't add
> more.

I'm pretty anal about mixing it correctly....

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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 12:50:46 -0400, Scott Dorsey wrote:

> I'm not against making profits at all, mind you, but there's a point at
> which you have to stand back and wonder where 25% of the GDP is really going.
> --scott

Yup. Hammer...nail...head.

Nice job!

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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 10:54:09 -0700, Jeff Strickland wrote:

> In a free market economy, the government is not supposed to provide
> anything, everything should come from the market. Obviously, a pure free
> market can't serve everybody, or won't.

Another wonderful statement.

You and Scott D get gold stars for the day.

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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 20:29:27 -0400, Scott Dorsey wrote:

> JoeSpareBedroom <newstrash(a)> wrote:
>>We already have at least one "socialist" health care system in this country.
>>Do you think we should abolish it? You know which one I mean. You're an
>>expert on socialism and health care.
> You mean the one where members of congress get free health care that is
> paid for by the taxpayers? I'd be in favor of abolishing that one. Let
> them have to deal with the insurance companies like the rest of America
> and I'd bet you'd see a big change...
> --scott

Man, you guys are batting 1.000 today. Excellent!

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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 16:40:29 -0500, hls wrote:

> Socialism in this sense has nothing to do with communism. If Americans
> wanted communism, they would have voted for Obama.