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Palin To Promote Lingerie "Palin To Promote Made-In-America Lingerie" [ A spokesman for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has confirmed that the potential 2012 Republican and Tea Party presidential candidate will be marketing a new line of woman's ling... 13 Apr 2010 02:58
Racist E-Mail Tied to Candidate for Governor "Racist E-Mail Tied to Candidate for Governor" [ ALBANY � Carl P. Paladino, a Republican candidate for governor from Buffalo, drew fire on Monday for racist and sexually explicit e-mail messages that a left-leaning Web site claimed he had sent to frien... 13 Apr 2010 02:58
2002 Corolla
Ho do I adjust the headlights on this car anyway? -- Jane Galt "There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism - by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide." -- Ayn... 14 Apr 2010 18:59
2003 sienna a/c
Hello, I'm thinking about changing my own a/c compressor. Is this a royal flaming pain or definitely something doable for a reasonably technical person? Any extraordinarily bizarre tools you might need? Are there any guides/books/websites that would prove to be helpful? Thank you, Rob ... 15 Apr 2010 01:36
Toyota's routine questionable, evasive and deceptive legal tactics
Toyota has engaged routinely in questionable, evasive and deceptive legal tactics when sued, frequently claiming it does not have information it is required to turn over and sometimes even ignoring court orders to produce key documents, an Associated Press investigation shows. It has withheld potentially damagin... 15 Apr 2010 01:36
Whose fault is this?
"JoeSpareBedroom" <newstrash(a)> wrote in message news:TvLwn.50147$iu2.36329(a)newsfe15.iad... Dow closes above 11,000 for the first time since September 2009. It was "Obama's fault" when it tanked. Whose fault is it now that it's untanked, you idiots? Ironically, Obama has done more t... 12 Apr 2010 19:18
worst made cars on the road -- "My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating." ~ Ashleigh Brilliant ... 18 Apr 2010 00:01
Toyota 3S-FE Engine Oil Change Guide With Pictures (Celica, Camry, Corona & Carina)
I just changed the oil in the used car we bought during our trip to New Zealand. It's a 1994 Toyota Carina ED with the 3S-FE 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder engine that is also in a few other older 1986-2000 Toyota vehicles such as the Celica, Camry, Corona and MR2. I took pictures of the process and wrote up a quick... 23 Apr 2010 18:38
Exposing Glenn Beck
You mean his basic instinct to believe in the Constitution as it was set down by the founders? The Constriction that created our REPUBLIC of sovereign states? The one that says the feral government "Shall make NO LAW that CONTROLS one right to practice their religion, which mean there can be not NATIONAL chur... 11 Apr 2010 17:58
Liberal liars are at it again
They're pushing 'Don't Drive over 60'.again. Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Liberal fucknuts anyway. Charles Grozny. ... 11 Apr 2010 23:28
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