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Different sized tires?
I went to Costco today for new tires for the 2002 Corolla and they sold me a different size. Said they were a little bigger or something? P185 /65R14 Is this the right size for the car though? I told the guy that I didn't want it scraping the wheel wells and he said they wont. -- Jane Galt "There is... 1 Apr 2010 23:37
NASA will help probe Toyota accelerators
"jim beam" <me(a)> wrote in message news:IM6dnQqSGfoQyC7WnZ2dnUVZ_vmdnZ2d(a) translation: nasa will dissect toyota's hardware and software, and diligently "make their findings available" for frod and g.m. to copy free of charge. doubtless the chinese will hack nasa and get their... 1 Apr 2010 14:42
2002 Corolla MPG
Well I finally got through the first tankful with the 2002 Corolla and it got 34 MPG in mixed city & hwy driving. Not bad considering it has worn out poorly balanced tires and I havent checked yet to see if it has iridium plugs, which improved the 93 by about 2 MPG. Oh, and we may still be using the winter eth... 1 Apr 2010 19:11
Is Obama the anti-CHRIST?
Obama has many of the characteristics of the anti-Christ, but there is no record of any Jewish ancestry, as indicated in Scripture. He is also not bringing peace, but turmoil. The anti-Christ will fool Israel. Obama is not fooling them, but angering them. He is about as close as Hitler, but still not THE anti-Chris... 1 Apr 2010 23:36
{BS} Still nowhere near the flood of 1936
A lot of areas in the Northeast are reporting record water levels, but it is still not near the flood of 1936 that went from New England to the middle Atlantic states. No comfort to those flooded out, I'm sure... ... 31 Mar 2010 21:06
More sad days ahead for America
Our friend dr_jeff reminds me of a discussion several us had when the Congress created the EPA. One of the guys, who I consider to be one of the Environuts, rather than an Environmentalist, opined that they finally "passed a law that will help the people." Another asked the question, "Who will protect us FROM... 31 Mar 2010 12:11
Checkmate wrote: : I just ate a whole fuckin' cherry pie all by myself. Urp! did not have the brakes to stop you? sheesh ... 4 Apr 2010 20:27
Lentz: Toyota sales up 30 percent in March
Lentz: Toyota sales up 30 percent in March; worst may be over Mark Rechtin Automotive News -- March 30, 2010 - 1:43 pm ET NEW YORK -- Perhaps seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, Toyota expects March sales to be up 30 to 35 percent over year-ago figures, outpacing industry gains, its top U.S. executive sa... 30 Mar 2010 18:27
Prius Question
Why are they so ugly? -- Checkmate Copyright � 2010 all rights reserved ... 30 Mar 2010 19:37
What's your favorite dirty limerick?
We have a report from the alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk Dynamics Officer that Checkmate has exploded. Flight director confirms that: I'm kind of fond of this one, which I ripped off from Primus: Wynona had a big brown beaver she stroked it all the time one day she felt a prick and it occurred t... 30 Mar 2010 06:11
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