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The wacko's always like to have a villain to muddy the waters. If it is
not big oil it is the drug companies, that have invest billions to develop
that drugs that save millions of lives every year in this country and around
the world, or it is the big insurance companies that are robbing us blind.

How many times have we seen oil company executives dragged before a
Congressional Committee every time the price of fuel goes up, over the
years, but have you EVER hear the results of any of those hearing? The
reason is always the same, the price spike was a result of supply and demand
and never a result of anything the oil companies did.

As soon as you hear anything that blames BIG Insurance companies for our
healthcare problems, be alert for BS that will follow.

The fact is my healthcare insurance provider give me MORE coverage for LESS
money than does Medicare. Have you ever heard of the Congress of even
thinking of looking into the workings of the SHARK lawyers that are really
the primary reason for the high cost of drugs and healthcare in this

One thing you should know about Medicare. It Medicare that SETS the
reimbursement for all doctor and hospitals. They MUST charge the Medicare
reimbursement rate for EVERY service they provide, if not they can be
charged with Medicare fraud. The fact is Medicare that sets the
reimbursement for doctor and hospitals that are much HIGHER than the normal
costs. The reason is to help pay for the FREE services they are required
to provide for EVERYONE who NEEDS healthcare, whether they have health
Insurance or NOT.

The Hill Burton Act REQUIRES every doctor and hospital, that receives
Medicare reimbursement, to treat ALL comers that come for their services, or
they are charged with Medicare fraud. If ANY provider charges LESS than
the Medicare reimbursement rate, they are charged with Medicare fraud, as

We had a local volunteer ambulance corps that when bankrupt after being
charged with Medicare fraud because it was charging $250 to take folks to a
hospital six miles away, because the Medicare reimbursement rate was $750.

Why in the world would any thinking person want the government in charge of
their medical CARE?

"in2dadark" <in2dadark(a)> wrote in message

> Medicare fraud is growing exponentially. See my other posts for
> examples of that. If they would put some teeth into 'arresting'
> medicare fraud they could lower the entitlement age to 60 or 55 when
> the bulk of the health problems begin. Don't cut medicare to
> insure the young and healthier, cut medicare fraud. Barry's not doing
> that. For every fraud they uncover now there are a thousand popping
> up or still going.