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On Nov 7, 4:12 pm, "Mike Hunter" <Mikehunt2(a)lycos,com> wrote:
> Are you referring to the "450 teaching jobs in North Chicago," that BO said
> were SAVED by the stimulus bill?   The same Chicago school District that has
> less than 300 TEACHERS, according the Herald News papers?   Those teaching
> jobs, dr_jeff?    LOL

Did it ever occur to you that there may be more schools in North
Chicago than just the public schools, like private and charter

Or that by North Chicago, Obama was referring to northern part of the
city of Chicago, rather than a tiny suburb of Chicago?

> Reminds one of the 130 jobs that were "SAVED" on a repaving  job in Luzern
> County Pennsylvania.   It seems the job was already contracted by Penn DOT
> and scheduled to be started, as soon as the temperature reach the point at
> which blacktop could be laid.  That Job was listed among the "shovel ready"
> jobs that were started only because of the federal money.
> According to a local newspaper,  Congressmen Paul Kanjorski (D) notified
> Governor Rendell (D) that for the additional price of a sign, giving credit
> to the stimulus bill, the feds would pay 75% of the cost of the job and the
> sign.
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> >> On Fri, 06 Nov 2009 16:12:11 -0800, Jeff Strickland wrote:
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> >>>> How's that Hope and Change workin' for ya, Stupid Dim Obama-bots? Still
> >>>> drinking the Kool-Aid or have you had enough?
> >>> Obama. Isn't he the guy that said without the stimulus, unemployment
> >>> would
> >>> hit 8%? Maybe we coulda saved some money and some jobs WITHOUT the
> >>> stimulus.
> >> More than likely...
> > That's a stupid argument. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. Of course, we could
> > never have known how high unemployment would be without the stimulus. But
> > the stimulus resulted in many jobs being saved in schools and other
> > government departments, more construction and other jobs and more
> > scientists studying diseases.
> > Jeff