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nitrogen in tires. CO2 in the air
On Feb 24, 8:28 am, "Mike Hunter" <Mikehunt2(a)lycos,com> wrote: The global warning theorists believe CO2, a gas that comprises less than on half of one percent of our atmosphere, can effect the temperature of the earth so I guess they will believe ANYTHING.    ;) Climategate. Good thing those scientists w... 24 Feb 2010 20:02
Back in 2004 Toyota know about their runaway problem, why did they not do something?
What part of, "even ten years ago, let alone forty years ago," did you not understand? If you lived in Pennsylvania you can get an "Antique Car" plate for a 1995 vehicle Why is Ford being talked about in a thread about Toyotas massive recalls, is it intended as a diversion from Toyotas problems?" If you ... 24 Feb 2010 12:03
What did Toyota know, ABOUT BEER, and when did they know it?
If that is what you think, apparently you have never tasted one of the numerous types of beer brewed by Americas oldest brewery, Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville Pennsylvania. "charlesgrozny" <n5hsr(a)> wrote in message news:St2dnejoWYbIABnWnZ2dnUVZ_rGdnZ2d(a) "Conscience" <nobama@... 24 Feb 2010 12:04
The Newest Electric Cars in Town
The Newest Electric Cars in Town ... 24 Feb 2010 04:17
say it ain't so strange - i don't see this story being carried by /our/ news sources.... -- nomina rutrum rutrum ... 24 Feb 2010 23:21
Toyota Throttle Electronics Easily Confused
The floor mats and sticking pedal accounts for only 30% of the problems. The true cause of sudden acceleration is still not known so no real solution is possible. IMO it's the electronics. "In earlier testimony, David Gilbert, a Southern Illinois University professor, tells the panel he was able to produce in a l... 1 Mar 2010 12:36
Watch the Toyota Hearing Tomorrow
So the recent recalls still don't fix 70% of problems out there! The electronic throttle's engineering seems far inferior to those of GM and Ford. Looking forward to see what Akio Toyoda says. Under "Live Video: Watch the Toyota Hearing" From the web si... 24 Feb 2010 10:56
Witness: 'Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy'
Some excellent testimony videos. Looks like Toyota USA is only a sales front, no engineering know-how, manufacturing or safety recall decisions (all done in Japan). And that Lentz guy doesn't seem to know anything but sales. What a shame. Videos on: Under... 25 Feb 2010 20:34
Woman testifies against Toyota on NBC
On tonight's newscast there was footage of testimony by an older woman whose Lexus experienced the runaway car thing. She testified that the car suddenly kicked down into passing gear and took off, and to try and stop it she stood on the brake pedal with both feet, moved the gear selector to all gears including... 28 Feb 2010 14:32
Go ahead, shift the runaway car into neutral
The unloaded engine will race to twice the redline rpm and seize when the rods are thrown or valves float and hole the pistons. Then you lose the power assist to brakes and steering and crash. If by some miracle you don't, the engine is blown. Do you think Toyota will cheerfully replace the engine or blame you ... 10 Mar 2010 02:01
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