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{BS} Dr Who is the second longest running show on television...
Meet the Press is the oldest. I think it's time Dr Who becomes the longest running current show on TV. Since the passing of Tim Russert, who kept the show at neutral, it has become yet another Liberal Agenda piece. Gregory has no desire at all to stuff his Liberal leanings during the program, and regularly atta... 24 Jul 2010 21:00
Tea Party Dummies & the 2nd American Revolution! "If you like the above, much more Tea Party Dummies here..." ... 24 Jul 2010 11:17
What the right knows "What the right knows that the left doesn't" [ .... Much of the noise that comes from the right wing seems pretty dumb, quite frankly, and lots of the right wing heroes could be poster children for diminished mental capacity. From the intellectually forlorn Dan ... 24 Jul 2010 11:17
Sarah Palin: getting the Humpty "Sarah Palin: getting the Humpty" [ ..... But what Sarah Palin lacks in vocabulary, she compensates for in audacity. After saying that she "refudiated" the idea that her Tea Party supporters are racist, and repeating that New Yo... 24 Jul 2010 11:17
Iran studies building nuclear fusion reactor "Iran studies building nuclear fusion reactor" [ Iran's nuclear agency began studies Saturday to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, something that has yet to be achieved by any nation. ..... ] Someone will be... 24 Jul 2010 10:12
The Color of Crime
.. Reasons why Whites avoid negroes and their neighborhoods. Now the destruction of small towns by the flood of illegal aliens. (stats taken from federal government sources) ... 24 Jul 2010 14:32
Prius computer has a bad day.
I was out shopping today and for my return home, I started the car normally using reverse to back out of a parking spot and forward to leave the parking lot and enter traffic. I immediately noticed an unusual drag when not pressing the accelerator. But there were no alarm-lights lit - - nothing to indicate anyt... 26 Jul 2010 21:38
and now from Liberal America -what else FunEmployment
On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 19:54:29 -0400, Michael <gailey(a)> wrote: what a bunch of pathetic losers DANG !!! People starting their own small businesses ... Losers you say? What are they? Black or Polish or Mexican or something? --... 23 Jul 2010 15:52
Top 5 "Top 5 Fake Fox News Racist Scandals" [ During and after the election of Barack Obama, Fox News has created several scandals through unethical journalism, to paint Barack Obama as a scary black man out to get white people. They h... 23 Jul 2010 14:46
Hesitation at middle RPM under moderate load
The car in this case is a 1989 Mazda 626. It was running great until the day before yesterday, and turned 190,000 miles last week. AT highway speeds it hesitates only a little bit, unless you start going up a hill, then it starts sputtering. Normal around town driving, not so much, unless you're going up a hill i... 24 Jul 2010 21:00
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