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What would Jesus ask a Darwinian? A possible explanation
(What a stupid question, right? Not so fast, that was posted in another group and I give a possible explanation) Jesus would say, "What time is it, pal?" And the Darwinian would ask, "What for?" And Jesus would say, "I have an important dinner tonight." And the Darwinian went around his business thin... 9 Jun 2010 15:23
Strip the Global Warming Hoax from US Classrooms
On May 29, 1:26 pm, Dawlish <pjg...(a)> wrote: On May 29, 6:25 pm, Claudius Denk <claudiusd...(a)> wrote: AGW whackos are incapable of discussing the science so every discussion is an attempt to demonize anybody that doesn't resign themselves to the phoney "truth" of AGW. N... 4 Jun 2010 23:36
Sticking gas pedals: they're not just for Toyota any more...
25,000 Dodge Calibers recalled for sticking gas pedals. Nowhere near the numbers for Toyota, but then, who actual,ly *owns* one of these trumped-up Noens? About 25,000 of the 2007 model-year vehicles will be examined after NHTSA received complaints about sticky gas pedals. The manufacturer, which also made... 4 Jun 2010 19:15
Venezuela would fulfill an American ultimate Utopia
Imagine, filling the 30 gallon tank of a 1980 Chevy Caprice costs you... 2 bucks! I was hearing this report in NPR, and this guy proudly shows off in that stupid vehicle like it was the ultimate dream. It may be a nightmare for the environment, but --like in America-- gas is subsidized by their socialist government... 4 Jun 2010 14:49 newsgroup statistics for 05/2010
badgolferman, 6/3/2010,5:12:57 PM, wrote: Top Threads Ranking Articles Subject ------- -------- ---------------------------------- 1 1440 {OT} 63% say Obama did great job on oil spill That's got to be the highest amount of articles for one topic that I can remember! ... 15 Jun 2010 23:09
Prius Batteries
What is the word on what to expect from the big batteries in hybrids like the Prius? How long do they last? How much does it cost to replace them? Are the replacements as good as what came in the new car? -- Thanks, croy ... 4 Jun 2010 00:34
What the Christians don't know makes them fat and stupid
Believing in Jesus or not is not a harmless thing like believing in Buddha and sitting under a tree in frugality, it's choosing to indulge and be ignorant about things that matter such as where we came from. Ask any Christian what is a HUNTER-GATHERER, and you'll get a blank stare like that one of a sheep. Simply t... 4 Jun 2010 09:16
Strip Global Warming Hoax from US Classrooms
On May 29, 5:54 am, Roger Coppock <rcopp...(a)> wrote: On May 29, 2:36 am, Cliff <Clhuprichguessw...(a)> wrote:   "Rightwing group seeks to strip climate change from US classrooms"   "Climate change ... 3 Jun 2010 13:28
Where's the monthly number of who posted the mostest?
Someone is going to get fired if those numbers don't show up. ... 3 Jun 2010 14:35
ON Topic: 88 Supra overheating...
I know there are techs in all three groups, hence the cross posting.... The other day, the day it got clobbered by the storm, it was 96 degrees in Keene NH. That's ~35 miles from home. Since it was nice I decided to take the roof off the Supra and use it for my daily rounds. Everything was fine until about mile... 12 Jun 2010 01:50
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