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More leftards whining about Sarah
On Tue, 11 May 2010 21:53:08 -0400, Harold Burton <hal.i.burton(a)> wrote: In article <vdkgu511a9en5fampefc5c9bitg2liacek(a)>, Cliff <Clhuprichguesswhat(a)> wrote: On Sun, 09 May 2010 21:37:31 -0400, Harold Burton <hal.i.burton(a)> wrote: In article... 13 May 2010 09:25
Press not invited "Press not invited to Palin's GOP fundraiser" [ Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will headline a major fundraiser for the Illinois Republican Party today, but the press is not invited to the event, making it unlikely her words will get to the general public. .... 12 May 2010 03:46
Sister Sarah Is Right - What We Must Do! soldier-pay.html What we who support our troops must do is reach into our pockets and donate directly to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates so that he can pass our donations to the troops directly. I call upon all real americans to dig d... 13 May 2010 18:19
{BS} Sean Hannity tonight. Find out what happens when an American kid...
ina an American school wears an American flag to school on May 5th... Als: A middle school teacher tells a 7th grader that drawing the American flag is "offensive". All those that believe this to be true, please leave the country. ... 11 May 2010 20:10
Base law on the Bible "Sarah Palin: Base law on the Bible" [ ..... Peeved by a recent ruling that a National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, Sarah Palin is urging America to base its laws on the Ten Commandments, telling Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that we sh... 13 May 2010 17:12
Raising Mushrooms Palin Speaking Fees Kept Secret Too keep the "Free Press" less free ..... Have to admire Palin's nerve on the subject of "openness", right? -- Cliff ... 11 May 2010 19:05
Mental illness shows up in Christianity
Jesus was manic depressive... To begin with, such seemingly bizzare behavior is rather typical of religious figures. According to the Gospels (John 10:20) Jesus's own contemporaries said, "He is possessed . . . raving," and his relatives worried over his sanity. There is a Sutra (I forget which at the moment) in... 11 May 2010 00:20
Buddha appeared to me last night
in a dream and said, "You are the one." And he added, "Yes, you have been chosen by me to be:" "His Highness the TibetanMonkey, ComandanteBanana and Chief of Quixotic Enterprises" aka "King of the Apes I" or "Indiana Banana" And I said, "Master, that's a great burden." "Never mind," he replied, "you will... 14 May 2010 12:52
Something for Jeff
I went to M$ web site and downloaded the removal tool and the security patch. They are in with the headers "Something for Jeff #1" and "Hey Jeff #2" they fit on floppies. Put them on floppies or a USB drive, open windoes and run them. One will remove the virus and the other will patch th... 10 May 2010 19:58
Toyota steering ... 10 May 2010 18:50
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