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> Evolution is a REJECTION of science. It is totally unproven and violates
> the laws of biology and physics.
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>> > Then why do most biologists and physicists believe in evolution?
> No, many are turning to intelligent design.

Why didn't you answer his question directly? The overwhelming
majority of those types of scientists do accept conventional

> They are not believing the Bible, but the evidence points to a designer.
> They are quickly following the path that true (testable and observable)
> science is pointing, we are NOT an accident or chance.

Please cite some scientists who don't believe in any religion's
creation story but who do believe in Intelligent Design.

Also explain how anybody can prove that evolution wasn't the result of
chance when we don't fully understand how everything occurs.

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Does this remind anyone else here of some meat heads in Kansas?

Religion and vicious dogs should be confined to in the house.