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BeartoothHOS wrote:
> On Fri, 02 Jul 2010 18:06:52 -0300, Picasso wrote:
>>>> Thing i'm not sure of and maybe someone can comment, is the
>>>> reliability on the chev end... i'm just not sure its going to be close
>>>> to where toyota has taken the tacoma.
>>> According to JDPower, reliability is about equal for both, at 3 stars.
> midsize-pickup
> large-pickup
>>> The study is based on surveys of 3-year-old vehicles (i.e. those
>>> purchased in 2007). See press release:
>> Well thanks, this is the kind of info i have been searching for.
>> Style, size, power, towing i lean towards the gmc sierra, but i don't
>> need the towing, thats for sure. Thing is, spending 30k on a truck i
>> want all the options it can give.
>> fuel economy, and hopefully reliability and reduced repair makes me lean
>> on the tacoma.
>> I plan on keeping this thing for 10 years and I am just not sure I will
>> be suited with the repair bill on the GMC after the first good 5 is out
>> of it... but i might be wrong!
>> Plus the tacoma gives me that little bit of extra fuel economy which
>> isn't as important now with gas "down" but perhaps in 3 years when she
>> jumps 40% again it may be.
>> i'm buying a truck for 10 years, not a lease for 3...
>> Anyway, I wish the dealer would let me keep a tacoma for a weekend...
>> like I said, i've long term test driven a silverado and a dodge 1/2ton,
>> and currently own a ford f150.
>> thanks for the links
> The plural of anecdote is not data, but fwiw my 1988 corolla
> hatchback, with a little over 125K miles, and routine preventive
> maintenance, has never had a major repair. It ran like a top yesterday.
> My impression has long been that Toyotas have a name for lasting
> well -- I hear of ones with 200K miles. That's cars, too, not just trucks.