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> My wife took our 2000 Camry CE in for repair due to a "muffler noise"
> The dealer replace a front exhaust pipe assembly for $1200. Why so
> much?

I'm not sure what the prevailing labor rates are where you live, but my
guess is that the labor should be about 1.5 hours at the most to replace the
front pipe. The front pipe has a flex joint that makes it more expensive,
and it is made of stainless steel, but I don't think it should cost a
thousand dollars.

The good news is that you now have a lifetime warranty on that part and the
labor associated with installing it, so keep your receipt!!!

Ray O
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> "mack" ...
>> "Scott in Florida"
, "Truckdude"
>>> wrote:
>>>>"Cathy F."
>>>>>> <programmer(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>>> My wife took our 2000 Camry CE in for repair due to a "muffler
>>>>>>> noise"
>>>>>>> The dealer replace a front exhaust pipe assembly for $1200. Why so
>>>>>>> much?
>>>>>> Pardon me, but why on Earth is your wife handling car repairs?
>>>>> Huh??? Why wouldn't/couldn't she?
>>>>> Maybe he wasn't free for the day to take it in, & she was, etc.
>>>>> Cathy
>>>>It was only taken in for an annoying noise. Anyway, I guess it all
>>>>on how we were raised.
>>> So you were raised to look down at women?
>>> You being a nurse should understand that we men get to die before the
>>> women. IMHO it is VERY important to make sure your woman can live
>>> perfectly well without you....and that includes knowing how to deal
>>> with car dealer service departments.
>>> --
>>> Scott in Florida
>> Wonders will never cease! I'm agreeing with Scott for maybe the second
>> time this year!
>> He's quite right about teaching wives to become smart widows. Too many
>> women lose their
>> husbands and then have to figure out how to balance the checkbook and a
>> hundred other things that
>> their husbands always took care of. The wise husband educates his wife
>> (without telling her the reason)
>> to become a sole survivor when he's gone.
>> BTW, I think Cathy is a teacher, not a nurse....that's Natalie.
> Scott was addressing me and he is correct. (hey, it can happen!) Maybe I
> should change my posting name to "Truckdude, RN"



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You can check here for factory recalls and you do not need to bring post
cards to have them done. Recall remedies are free.

Good luck,

Truckdude wrote:
> From the Nissan NG "Factory recommended services" thread:
> "OK here is a real dumb question and I am even embarassed to ask.
> My wife has a 2002 Nissan Altima and over the years we received post cards
> from Nissan a few times to have the car taken to any dealer and perform
> some
> specific services or part replacement (recall parts). I gave it to my wife
> and she handles it.
> I was talking to her the other day and just realized she "handled" it by
> tossing them into the trash can! She thought those were just "ads"!!!
> Now, I don't exactly remember what these entails but I remember getting
> about three of those cards. Is there a way to check online what factory
> recall service or parts were issued for a specific vehicle model?
> Also, assume that we get find this information, can you still have them
> remedied after so long? When the vehicle warranty is completely expired?
> I hope none of them is extremely critical safety related items. Why she
> would toss them away I don't understand. WOMEN!!!"
> ...
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