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pretty(a) wrote:
> My 1985 corolla with 4A-c engine, federal emissions, Rear wheel drive, 2
> barrel carburetor is running very rich. I don't know what the problem is,
> but I figure I'll wind up tearing apart the carburetor to fix it. I could
> use some guidance. I spent $27 at AutoZone for a GP Sorensen brand rebuild
> kit. should I use this aftermarket kit? I havn't priced the OEM stuff, but
> I'm thinking it will be a lot more expensive. For example, I did price the
> AAP diaphragm at the dealer and that alone was $59, and this $27
> aftermarket kit includes that part.
> Is the OEM equipment superior enough to warrent the price premium?
> Should some parts be purchaser only from the Toyota dealer?
> Any advice on how to repair the internals of this carb?
> Ladies and gentlemen, thanks in advance for the suggestions!
> -Mark Lum
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If you can, return the AutoZone stuff and go to Toyota to get the OEM
kit for it. You won't be sorry, even if it's more money it's worth it
IMHO. Use a carb cleaner that contains the chemical "toluene".
Definately use compressed air from an air compressor (not a can) to blow
out passages and ports in the carb body, air horn, and base. Check float
height, vaccuum lines, ect, take your time and you should have no problem.