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> >> There are a couple of dealerships on the Cape that are highly rated in
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> >> of customer satisfaction.
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> > And those are?
> Falmouth Toyota in Bourne used to be the highest rated dealership in the
> country for customer satisfaction, and I see from their web site that it is
> still owned by the same dealer. I don't know if they are still the highest
> rated, but knowing the owner, they will not rip off their customers or
> mistreat them, and they come by their high customer satisfaction scores by
> actually trying to satisfy their customers.

Thanks, I've heard good things about them from others as well.
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> surf mumbled incoherently to the rest of
> You cant get round small print really, but you can spread the
> word that they
> talk rubbish and try to sell cars for way more than they
> advertise. The bad
> word-of-mouth should hurt them fairly well.

I doubt that. Boch is #1 or #2 in Toyota sales. I
recently bought an '07 Corolla at Ira Toyota. The
sales guys at Ira grudgingly acknowledged that Boch's
'No browsing cars without an ear buzzing salesman'
and anything goes in ads to get foot traffic works.
In my case there was no sales pressure, which went
along way in letting the car sell itself.


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