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>>It must be much lighter than my Echo (Yaris in Europe was the Echo
>>prototype, for those who don't know).
>>I bought my 2000 Echo in Vermont, and lived in New Hampshire at the
>>time - that car made it through horrible snow many times, without
>>(unexpected)incident. Guess they spared the weight on the
>>U.S./Canadian Yaris. Did you drive a very large vehicle right
>>before your Yaris?
> Part of the problem is the small, 14 inch wheels. Part of the
> problem is the so-called "All-weather" tires. And part of the
> problem is the weight. Years ago we had a Honda Civic, when they
> were smaller than today, and it was much better in snow.

Is that your only vehicle, the Yaris?
> But to answer your question, the last vehicle we drove regularly was
> a Chev Impala.
> cordially, as always,
> rm

A goodly bit larger, I think.