From: Sarah Austin on
"Mike" <mikehunt2(a)> wrote :

> As well as ZERO mileage! When do cars begin to have the most
> problems, the FIRST 100,000 miles or the LAST 100,000 miles?

We've had the 93 Corolla since it had 45k mi and it had a few problems all
along, but things have accelerated around 160k miles.

I dont know when the last 100k will be, unless we cant get parts for it
anymore, but the end for a car with us, is usually reached when it starts
costing more than it's worth, to maintain, which seems to be happening now
at 180k miles.

But you also should realize that sure, a new car with 0 miles will have no
maintenance problems ( usually ) but you're also paying a hefty sum for
that privilege, up front.