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> My 81 year old Mother needs a new car. Her previous car, a 2005 Ford
> Freestyle, was totaled in an accident. She really liked the Freestyle,
> but Ford isn't making them any more and I don't see anything in the
> Ford line-up that is a suitable replacement. She wants me to help me
> buy her a new car, but she is not really helping out with clear
> signals as to what she wants.
> So far she has said she want somthing that she sets up high in (like
> the Freestyle, or maybe even a little higher), but not too high (no
> trucklike SUVs). It shouldn't be too small - my Sister has a RAV4 and
> I get the impression she wants something a little bigger. She liked
> the size of a friend's Honda Odssey, but when I told her it had
> sliding doors, she said she didn't want those. She liked the way the
> third seat worked in the Freestyle (mostly becasue it gave her a nice
> deep well for the groceries when the seat was up. She does not want a
> column shift (i.e., no Grand Marquis). She isn't worried about the car
> having a lot of power (i.e., a four cylinder or small 6 is fine - she
> never complained about the Freestyle which had the 3 liter V6). She
> doesn't drive a lot, so gas mileage is not a big issue. She can afford
> anything reasonable, but tends to be frugal. I prefer a vehicle from a
> mainstream company that has a decent reputation for reliability (i.e.,
> not Kia, VW, Hyundai) and not a "premium brand (no Lexus, Lincoln,
> Cadillac, BMW, Merceedes). I tried to get her and my Sister to go look
> at cars without me (it seems to me that when a woman shows up with a
> man to car shop, the salesmen ignore the women and pick on the guy - I
> hate it). So far this has not worked. She wants me to take her. I
> don't want to spend days cruising car lots, so I want to narrow down
> where we go. I have pretty much ruled out everything from Ford (Flex -
> too big / boxy, Edge - too van like, Taurus - no wagon, Fusion - not
> big enough - she is driving my Fusion now and definitely wants
> soemthing bigger), GM (I don't see anything close to my criteria),
> Nissan (Murano is too odd looking), Subura (no dealers within 60 miles
> of my Mother). So that leads me to Toyota. I see three possibilities:
> RAV4 - Both of my sisters have these and are happy. My Mother has
> riden in them and seems less that enthusiastic about buying one. It
> didn't help that I pointed out the horrible ergonomics of the RAV4s in
> the past in her presence.(my bad - if only I'd known...)
> Venza - I like the way these looks, but they got a unenthusiastic
> review from Consumer Reports (not that that is all bad). My Mother
> seemed luke warm when I showed her the pictures and read the reviews
> to her. It is my personal favorite.
> Highlaader - I think this would fit the bill, if it is not to tall.
> She seems to be at least moderately interested
> I'd be interested in hearing opinion on the relative merrits of the
> Venza vs. Highlander. I am leaning towards the Highlander as the
> nearest vehicle to the Freestyle and therefore likely to be the most
> comfortable choice.
> It is no good telling me that my Mother should test drive lots of
> different cars. She isn't interested in doing that, and I don't want
> to spend days / weeks trying to presuade her to go to different
> dealers to try different cars. I am trying to hit a homerun the first
> time out....maybe not possible, but I want to try. And I need my
> Fusion back. I am stuck commuting in an F150 at the moment. Nice ride,
> but a stupid commuter vehicle. The people at my day job are wondering
> where all the broken peanut picker parts in the bed came from, why the
> truck is always covered in mud, and why it has grass stuck in he
> grillle....
> Ed

The venza to me is overpriced for what you get. I'd say she's a
candidate for a suzuki outback . Pa is lousy with 'em. They must be
good in the snow.
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> It seems to me she would then like the Flex. If one is going to be hit
> in an accident they would be much better off in a larger safer vehicle,
> than something as small as a Sentra

I agree, the Flex is probably the closest to the Freestyle in size. If she
wants to downsize, the Edge might also be a possibility for her.


Ray O
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I just noticed how old your mother is... TAKE HER KEYS
AWAY..please..! When I'm in Flori-duh I always pray I'm going to make
it home at the end of the day. When I'm in the parking lot at publix I
walk between the rows of the cars instead of behind them because
they'll back over you..
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On Oct 13, 9:29 pm, SMS <scharf.ste...(a)> wrote:
> in2dadark wrote:
> > I just noticed how old your mother is... TAKE HER KEYS
> > AWAY..please..!  When I'm in Flori-duh I always pray I'm going to make
> > it home at the end of the day. When I'm in the parking lot at publix I
> > walk between the rows of the cars instead of behind them because
> > they'll back over you..
> Just stay off the road from 4:00-6:00 p.m.. Once the early-bird specials
> are over it's safe to venture out.
> At Publix, park as far away as you can from the store, preferably in a
> place where you don't cross the busy areas of the parking lot.
> A group of Florida senior citizens were sitting around talking about
> their ailments. "My arms are so weak I can hardly hold this cup of
> coffee," said one. "Yes, I know. My cataracts are so bad I can't even
> see my coffee" replied another. "It has gotten to where I cannot hear
> anything anymore." said one in the loudest voice of the group. "I can't
> turn my head because of the arthritis in my neck," said a third, to
> which several nodded weakly in agreement. "My blood pressure pills make
> me dizzy," claimed another. "I can't even remember what I'm doing half
> the time; if I don't make myself a note I forget what I am trying to do
> in the first place" chimed yet another. "I guess that's the price we pay
> for getting old," winced an old man as he shook his head. Then there was
> a short moment of silence..."Well, it's not that bad," said one woman
> cheerfully. "Thank the Lord we can all still drive."

Lol.. That may be a joke. But it's also scary true. I review the meds
people on medicare take and they ALL drive. You should see the bags of
medicines they pull out when we're reviewing their medicare drug
plan.. :0)
I seriously fear for my life knowing what I know..Lol..
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> we've an 09 RAV4 and an 08 Highlander - I'd think for an older lady
> I'd go with the RAV4, a it lower to get into . My mom at 88 was
> getting in/out of my 02 Highlander fine with the grab handle. the
> 09 is higher by feel.
> Don't quote me but I think that in the Highlander base or sport you
> can get 2 rows of seats with the well (covered) where the 3rd row
> goes. There is a bit of well in the RAV4 but not big at all.
> My wife (60) loves the RAV4 she had an 05 Avalon and says she feels
> better and gets in/out of it a lot easier than the Avalon (she likes
> the "high seat" as do soccer moms) I don't care (for me) the brake
> pedal placement on the RAV as I must use the left foot for braking
> because of a stroke - otherwise the RAV4 would do me just fine. its
> 2 or 3 mpg better than the 'lander with same v-6 around same trips
> Ron in Idaho

Thanks for the insight. We are finally going to actually look at cars
tomorrow. My Mother doesn't seem particualrly interested in the RAV4
(and she has riden in those since both my Sisers have them). After
taking a look at the Highlander I am concerned it is too tall for easy
entrance. I think Toyota messed up when they jacked up the current
model (comapred to the prior version). I am thinking the Venza is
going to suit my Mother the best. I got prices for a Highlander and a
Venza from the local "best deal" Toyota dealer. They were close in
price, with the Venza just a little more expensive, but I think a
little better equipped as well. I am hoping she will buy something
this weekend so I can get my car back.