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I tried that (sort of).
The blade is 7", it's so short that the metal backbone of the replacement
wiper gets bent while installing.
I might have had more patience if I wasn't in the parking lot of Autozone
freezing my nads off.

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> On Sat, 3 Mar 2007 08:35:24 -0500, "Eric"
> <esmith007REMOVE(a)> wrote:
>>Had to change your back wiper yet? Brace yourself, aftermarket blades
>>fit the arm. $27 from the dealer. Bastards.
> It's got a way-short blade, like a 10"? That one's easy - go get
> the shortest aftermarket refill that has the right rubber filler
> cross-section. Pull out the factory refill from the wiper arm.
> Cut off the end of the new refill's metal frame, you don't need it.
> Cut the new refill rubber section to the same length.
> Swap the rubber parts in the little metal frame - with a little
> guessing you can figure out how to pull and replace it without bending
> the metal. Then put the 'recharged' factory refill back in.
> Make sure that the refill is seated the entire length - if it pops
> out of it's slot and you run the wiper, you just ruined the window.
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