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Toyota's reputation needs some TLC
"Over a generation or so, Toyota built its reputation - and U.S. market share - on dependability, at a time when General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler couldn't shake being identified with lemons. The company that once could do no wrong has stumbled badly though a series of embarrassments of disclosures, allegat... 29 Dec 2009 19:47
How long has it been...?
....over 10 years that I've been warning people about this? Hopefully all those ugly cell phone towers will come down. Until then I guess the test dummies will continue to pay cell companies to EXPERIMENT ... 25 Dec 2009 18:01
{BS} So much for "Bipartisan"...
In a phone call from Obama, Olympia Snowe, the Senator from Maine said she was NOT going to vote for the Senate health care plan. NBC NIGHTLY NEWS said that this means it can not be considered a bipartisan win for Obama. WOW! My head is SPINning from that one! ONE Senator makes it "bipartisan" Poor Barack. ... 21 Dec 2009 22:29
{BS} Here's an interesting sound effect... ... 19 Dec 2009 20:24
0W-20 oil?
Brand new 2010 Camry, time for first oil change. Manual and oil cap say "0W-20" Never heard of such a thing. Local Autozone has a 0W-20 in Mobil 1 synthetic -at $7/quart. This makes my oil change (with filter) cost $45+. Since we do 5K miles in 6 weeks, this is a notable expense that I'd like to minimize. This l... 20 Dec 2009 21:19
99 Toyota Tacoma problem needing help, Please.
Hi everyone, Ok so I have a 99 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 3.4 liter engine with 143,000 miles on it. Everything is going just fine, I am out driving around in the snow and almost home when all of a sudden, loss of power and the engine is slugish and slow to rev up. If it revs to far it tries to stall. When it idles it is... 21 Dec 2009 00:33
Hey Ray...I think my water broke...
I went to hit the washer button and nothing came out. About 20 minutes later I stopped at a gas station/convenience store and when I came out saw water leaking from the wheel well. Must have been trapped snow, I thought... Then, when I was filling the car, I noticed it had a blue tint to it. Guess where the ... 21 Dec 2009 00:33
{BS} Wisdom is not education
Glenn Beck on Jay Leno. Any of you Liberals see it? He was cheered, not booed, and when he mentioned wisdom not education concerning Obama the crowd cheered. Must have ALL been tea partiers... ... 19 Dec 2009 18:14
SAAB next victim of GM's mismanagement
No buyer can be found for SAAB, so GM is closing it. Talk about a kiss of death...if GM wants to buy your company, expect it to be closed fairly quickly. ... 19 Dec 2009 13:51
Special Edition Toyota Crown Hybrid (10% cheaper)
Special Edition Toyota Crown Hybrid (10% cheaper) ... 18 Dec 2009 04:01
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