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Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys,0,1038308.story "Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami, report says" [ Those shorelines will probably see tar balls in the months ahead, NOAA finds. Also, skimming boats prepare to go back to work, and efforts to help turtles a... 3 Jul 2010 06:57
This is a f**king sperm whale in the Gulf of Mexico!!!!
When are we going to go to the barracades and? ... 3 Jul 2010 01:36
{BS} Nancy Pelosi: Unemployment insurance creates jobs.
DAMN! Where do I sign up?!?!?! ... 4 Jul 2010 23:12
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Are the Christians to blame for the War on Drugs?
Just the last incident I witnessed: The cops stop this young teenager for trafficking and he swallows the coke. Result? He dies... I mean "SOMEONE" must be behind all those stupid "MORALIZING" policies that TERRORIZE THE POPULATION, OVERFLOW OUR PRISONS, GLAMORIZE DRUGS & MAKE MEXICO, EL SALVADOR, COLOMBIA, AFGHA... 6 Jul 2010 10:06
a grand slam for right-wing extremism is OFF TOPIC in AUK!!!
"Zombywoof" <fishwings(a)> wrote in message news:26gq26tome6745o35ft0g3b97j9mlomigo(a) ~snip off topicness~ What the hell does this have to do with kooks and Toyota owners Zombywoof? -- Feaw de wage of the wimpid wettuce for it is tewwibwe!!!! ����������������������������������������������... 2 Jul 2010 16:55
Seçkin Videolar ( Mutlaka izleyin ve Facebookte Paylaşın veya Bilgisayarınıza İndirin ) --------- K... 1 Jul 2010 22:18
I think my Monk Parrot is Buddha reincarnate
It is said that Dalai Lama is the chosen one, but I have my doubts. This Quaker/Monk Parrot I got looks wise, gentle and sits on a perch for hours, just like Buddha did. Then it came to me of all people in the world, the Wise Tibetan Monkey, philosopher of the hammock, with the Monk Bird, who brought the message... 3 Jul 2010 10:10
a grand slam for right-wing extremism
I was referring to her "god's plan" comment, and nothing else. It's sick for her to say such a thing, and there is NO WAY to argue around that. ... 3 Jul 2010 13:31
Americans still held captive by "zombie" lies "Americans still held captive by "zombie" lies" "Figuring out the psychology of "Keep your government hands off my Medicare" " [ It's not simply about making the Obama administration look bad. Many Republicans actuall... 1 Jul 2010 07:48
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