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>> The factory floor mats have eyelets which engage hooks in the floor,
>> holding them in a stable position. They dont move around this way.
>> If you dont have the proper floor mats, they can ride up under the
>> brake pedals, etc.
>> AFAIK, that is what this is all about.
>> I bought some aftermarket floor mats to protect my original carpeting,
>> and find they indeed ride up and cause this problem. No problem at
>> all with the carpeting that came with our cars.
> I have aftermarket mats on top of the OEM mats in my car.
> What I did was to use a hole punch (like the ones used to punch leather) to
> make a 1/4" hole in the aftermarket mats. This hole engages the OEM mat
> hook. Luckily for me, the hook accommodates both mats at once.
> I tried to do this in my wife's Tercel, but the mat hook is too shallow to
> grab both sets of mats.
Why on earth would you run 2 sets of mats at once? I can understand
using the water-trapping mats in winter, but just throw the other mats
in the trunk till spring. Good idea about adding the hole, though. I
might mark the spot and stop by a tarp company and have then add a
grommet for durability. I wish my 99 Accord and 05 caravan had the hook
and hole setup like my 92 Taurus did. The hook worked, and I do have
some matt slippage in my current rides. Never enough to get up under
pedals, though.

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