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"Five months before the new 2002 Lexus ES hit showroom floors, the
company's U.S. engineers sent a test report to Toyota City in Japan:
The luxury sedan shifted gears so roughly that it was "not acceptable
for production."

Days later, another Japanese executive sent an e-mail to top managers
saying that despite misgivings among U.S. officials, the 2002 Lexus
was "marginally acceptable for production." The new ES went on sale
across the nation on Oct. 1, 2001.

In an interview with company lawyers in November 2005, two Toyota
engineers indicated that "the performance characteristics of the
vehicles are NOT related to the software, but to hardware issues,"
according to an e-mail sent by Biller.

But company officials ruled out solving the problem "due to the
complications as well as costs associated with a change from three to
four engine mounts," according to a memo written by Toyota's outside
counsel regarding the same meeting.

The redesigned 2007 ES, released less than a year later, had four
engine mounts.",0,3565181.story
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You're back. I thought maybe you got arrested again or you were found stone
drunk in some alley because you haven't posted in awhile. Back to the
negative postings. Don't you wish you could afford to buy TOYOTA?