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Mike wrote:
> That may be your opinion but it defies logic. The fact is GM has been the
> number one seller in the US since the fifties.

Has been or had been?

> Do think all the millions of buyers, continue to chose to buy GM cars had
> problems, but bought from GM again and again be because they liked bad cars?

Do you think GM's market share shrunk from 50% to 25% (before
bankruptcy) because so many people stayed loyal to GM? Or did that
happen because GM started making cars that looked like furniture and
had to be sold at lower prices than Japanese products? I'm sure you
remember when the situation was just the opposite, when the Japanese
couldn't sell cars in the US except at lower prices than what the Big
Three charged.

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SMS wrote:
> In reality, it's the mindless idiots that are always screaming "Buy
> American" that were responsible for so much vehicle manufacturing moving
> overseas, and it was the people that insisted on quality products that
> were responsible for so much foreign nameplate manufacturing moving back
> to the U.S..

Personally, I prefer locally made Intel microprocessors and can hardly
wait for Intel to start producing 32nm CPUs with 2.5 billion
transistors apiece. BTW, Intel is one of the few companies that makes
products in the US that are labelled as being from another country,
which is the opposite practice of many other American firms.

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Mike wrote:

> If what you believe is true why does Juan see so many Toyotas and other Jap
> cars and trucks being traded on domestic brands?

Reduction in income sometimes requires a reduction in standards.
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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 05:39:57 -0700, larry moe 'n curly wrote:

>> Well, there ya go. Your decision is just common sense. And yet, when it
>> comes to JUST ONE PRODUCT CATEGORY, **automobiles**, many people will remain
>> loyal to the same manufacturers even after those manufacturers have proven
>> themselves incompetent or worse.
>> I wonder what it is about automobiles that makes people behave this way.
> Many people have fond memories of the car in which they lost their
> virginity, but nothing like that happens with major appliances, except
> when a washing machine has a balance problem.

And, boy, is that FUN!!! ;p

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"Hachiroku ????" <Trueno(a)e86.GTS> wrote in message > No. This is:
> These are cool:

But we were talking cars that lasted from the 60's and 70's. Not much from
Japan was exciting then.