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Make a Hydrogen Generator for Your Car and Get More Mpg
…If you make a Hydrogen Generator for your car or truck you will be able to burn both water and gasoline instead of just pure gasoline… ... 5 Nov 2008 20:24
Geez Why Can't Toyota Just Quit With The Misleading Tundra Commercials
OK, I can't take it. I am watching the Monday Night Football Game. At least three times there has been a Tundra commercial where some geeky looking guy says he watches a lot of football and has heard lots of commercials where competitors says various characteristics (power, towing, etc.) of their trucks are th... 5 Nov 2008 20:24
Low dust- brake pads
I'm looking for a recommendation for low-dust brake pads for my '03 Tacoma. I say "low dust" because I understand there's no such thing as "No dust". Thanks ... 27 Sep 2008 01:51
Oil Change Intervals
Hi everyone, I drive a 2007 Tacoma PreRunner 2WD 6cyl double cab and I'm wondering about oil change intervals. The manual says a 5,000 mile interval is recommended. Is this for synthetic oils or all oils? I use standard 5w30 oil. Should I keep with my every 3000 mile change or is it safe to move to the 50... 30 Sep 2008 06:21
1995 4Runner Automatic Transmission Issue
Hey Everyone. I need help. I have a 95 4runner (6 cylinder) and it won't shift into reverse or drive. Just feels like it is neutral. The transmission fluid is full, but kind of dark looking. Any ideas on what this is? ... 22 Sep 2008 22:34
WTD TO BUY: Tacoma PreRunner X-cab or crew cab
In need of a well maintained Tacoma PreRunner X-cab or double cab, 2000 to 2004 model. Prefer bright red or maroon in color, matching shell would be a plus. Auto transmission a must. No mechanical issues. One nonsmoking owner preferred. VIN # must be made available. NO SALVAGE titles pls. Send pics (under 300kbs ea... 20 Sep 2008 22:36
Changing front struts on 2001 Sequoia 4x4
Does anyone know the trick to replacing the front struts on a 2001 Sequoia 4x4? If I drop both front wheels down all of the way to release the tension on the coil spring the front CV joint boot is right in the way of the lower bolt holding the strut in place. If I raise the wheel to a point where the bolt has c... 9 Sep 2008 21:05
1990 4x4 22RE - intermittent hesitation on acceleration
This truck will work properly for weeks - months. Then, for no apparent reason, it will lack power on acceleration. What's really interesting is that if I depress the accelerator all the way down, it will take off with all sorts of power AND if the rpm gets over 3000, it will also accelerate with lots of power. ... 13 Sep 2008 20:26
Tacoma Buyback
I took my Tacoma in today to have the frame inspected..They want to buy it back! 1999 Tacoma, V6, 4w/d, extended cab, Auto - ONLY 29,000 Miles!!! I inherited the truck 3 years ago, It only had 3,000 mile on it when I got it. Stepdad only used it to plow his driveway. The say they will offer me $18,500 give ... 7 Sep 2008 16:48
Timing Belt Replacement
I'm replacing the timing belt on my 2001, 3.4L, 4x2 Toyota Tacoma, and I'm not quite sure about one and probably the most important detail. I'm using a Chilton's shop manual and I understand all that it's directing me to do, except when I install the tensioner the timing marks on the camshaft pulleys rotate to the left... 26 Aug 2008 09:55
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