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tacoma values?
Been looking for a Tacoma here in the SE US. I have been zeroing in on 1996-2004, 4 cylinder, manual trans, 4WD, access cab, straight body and excellent condition. I found one and when I look in the pricing books (Kelly Blue Book, NADA, Edmonds), the values given are all over the map. Talk about confusion. ... 18 Feb 2010 15:10
GPS Navigator for Europe ThinkNavi T7
GPS Navigator for Europe ThinkNavi T7 ... 17 Feb 2010 00:53
5 Auto Loan Tips
5 Auto Loan Tips ... 15 Feb 2010 04:22
08 tacoma
Looking to purchase a used 08 Tacoma. My question is, is there any good reason the automatic shift is on the floor instead of the column? I know hte tundra is on the column, and the competetors the ranger and f150 are on the column. I'm buying this truck to replace my F150 and honda accord with a single vehicl... 17 Feb 2010 00:53
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BiG Discount on Garmin nüvi 765 4.3-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS
BiG Discount on Garmin nüvi 765 4.3-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS ... 10 Feb 2010 04:31
Latest Mis-Leading Tundra Commercial
On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 08:41:13 -0800, SMS <scharf.steven(a)> wrote: On Saturday I was at Home Depot. There were four trucks with racks parked by the large roll-up door by the lumber and building materials section being loaded up with supplies by contractors. Three were Tundras of various vintage,... 8 Feb 2010 21:30
Tacoma from 2005 and newer
Some of these newer Tacomas have a 6" or 8" black band around the wheel wells. Seriously tacky looking. Can these bands be replaced with bands the same color as the body? If so, is it expensive? ... 8 Feb 2010 11:09
Brake pulsation vibration problem
Brake pulsation vibration problem: When I step on the brakes at around 30 miles per hour I get a vibration from the front disk brake. I checked the rotor with a dial indicator and it is perfectly true. Also checked the front suspension and ball joints and no looseness at all. Does anyone have any ideas...? ... 9 Mar 2010 20:26
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