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Buying cars and at the same time saving your pockets - Opt for Used Cars
If the names of the worldÂ’s most vibrant and technologically advanced machines are short listed then, undoubtedly, majority of them would be from Japan. Since a decade the country has been holding its distinct position among the gadget lovers all across the world. Among all types of machines offered by Japan to its... 3 Sep 2009 08:52
2004 Toyota Highlander Airbag Warning Light
A freinds 2004 Toyota Highlander has the air bag warning light illuminated. My advice was to take it to he dealer for diagnosis. Naturally there is reluctance to do this. The local Toyota dealers are no noted for their integrity. I have two questions related to this problem: 1) Is there a way to pull the ai... 3 Sep 2009 08:52
Water stains on RAV4 -- what's safe to use?
> I can't thank you enough, Joe, for the great info you've provided. You are more than welcome. As a side note, I should have mentioned that a razor blade will often work wonders on glass. Just make sure you are scraping and not "cutting" with the tip or edge as it could potentially scratch glass... And if ... 3 Sep 2009 08:52
Wierd starting problem with a 93 4Runner
93 4Runner 3VZ-E At first it would not start, unless jump started. While running, it would all of sudden stall. Tried to crank it, battery dead. While the key in the ON position, no lights on the dash, then a few minutes later, power again, but would not crank. The battery is about 3 years old, and still u... 15 Dec 2008 02:51
The joys of leaking power steering fluid
On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 07:14:38 -0700, Jeff <Not(a)> wrote: Write-ups are at: and Rebuild is the best strategy. Buying a new one, or paying someone to do the work, is ill-advised for severa... 1 Dec 2008 13:25
horn relay question....
On a 1993 toyota pickup, SR5, 4wd, ext cab...the horn is inop. I have a copy of a maintenance manual page (from the net) that shows the horn relay behind the L/H Kickpanel on the drivers side of the cab. (The horn is inop, the fuse is good, and all indications are from the diagram the logical culprit is the relay... 9 Dec 2008 21:29
RAV4 Suspension Noise
Have a 97 RAV4 with 150k miles. Recently I have notice a new noise coming from the front end. Starts at 45 mph and can be described as a low-pitched wuh-wuh-wuh type of noise or thumping. It is in time with wheel speed, I believe. It does not occur when the steering wheel is in the neutral, straight-ahead posit... 14 Nov 2008 17:31
strange 22r problem
Hi all, I have a 94 Toyota truck, 22R with fuel injection. Problem is, it won't start or even fire if I give it any gas while cranking it over. It will start at idle, but this doesn't work too well and is hard on the starter. Runs and accelerates fine once it starts. Any ideas? Thanks...Mark ... 12 Nov 2008 09:17
22R - Hesitation At Steady Speed
TOM wrote: For a few months, my '88 Toyota Pickup with a 22R engine and 4-speed trans, has had a slight hesitation above about 50 MPH in high gear. The same hesitation is there at lower speeds in lower gears, which leads me to believe it's an ignition problem. If I'm going up a slight hill, there's n... 5 Nov 2008 20:24
Anyone need a water pump for an FJ60?
I was cleaning my garage and I found a water pump for a 1985 FJ60 which I no longer own. It's from Spector Off-Road (not sure if it's new or rebuilt). There's a gasket in the box too. Free to anyone that wants it, just pay me the shipping. ... 5 Nov 2008 20:24
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