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Queries after first 11 months
I've a top-of-the-range new Prius in the UK (well new last October, and built I recall in June 2006). It's a company owned car, and my choice is now fixed for another 35 months. To be honest I alternate between liking it and loathing it. My fault, but an error in my choice of car was not realising it was no... 26 Sep 2007 10:26
Tire Life
What is the expected life of the original equipment tires on a 2005 Prius? ... 22 Sep 2007 00:09
Problem with Information screen
After 40,000 miles with my 2004 Prius, the Information Module which displays the engine monitor, audio, comfort settings (no navigation) dropped dead this week. Dealer is ordering a new module and should be installed next week. Interested in any other experience with a similar failure and what may have caused it. ... 26 Aug 2007 09:49
Used Prius - am I getting a bad deal?
I am about to buy a used 2004 Prius with 69,554 miles on it for $14000. Is this price too low? I checked the carfax report and it was clean but I am nervous still that there might be something wrong with the car. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm going to pick it up in two days so any feedback would he... 2 Sep 2007 02:16
Toyota Camry Hybrid or Prius????
I am looking at purchasing a TCH or Prius. My new commute will be approximately 55 miles one-way, with the longest stretch of highway being 35 miles of the 55 miles. I would really appreciate any feedback, insight, advice (price, comfort, cargo capacity, etc.) on what to consider when comparing these two vehic... 7 Jul 2007 17:27
Auto-leveling headlights broken
My 2005 Prius (25K miles) has package 4 with the auto-leveling HID lights. Tonight I noticed that the lights were aimed considerably lower than usual. Not a hazard to drive, but noticeably lower. I suspect the sensor might be broken. I've found some reports of this problem in Priuschat. Has anyone here had a p... 7 Jan 2007 20:28
New Prius
Just received a brand new Prius "T-Spirit" model in the UK last week. Two immediate questions.... I'm guessing I'd have got the 2006 rather than 2007 spec model. Is it clear what changes are coming in Europe for 2007, and when those models come out? Academic now I guess, but just interested, and hoping I ... 18 Oct 2006 20:36
Just had to replace the Main Battery in my 2001 Prius
Driving to work this morning the Red Triangle appeared on the video display with a picture of the battery and the word "Main" under it. The car run begins to act very strange with the IC engine RPM going very high. I pull over and turn off the car, when I try to restart it is completely dead. I get it towed to ... 1 Nov 2006 19:25
Engine coolant drain location
Time for me to catch up with maintenance on my new-to-me 2002. At 103K miles there was no record of the last coolant change, so I got coolant yesterday. Today I got the inverter done - incredibly easy, actually. I wanted to do the engine coolant, but I couldn't locate the block drain the service manual shows. M... 5 Oct 2006 11:13
I have an 06 with the nav package, the software version is "ver.05.1", I cannot access the program menu while moving and the override tweak doesn't work,I wonder what software version you all have? My 06 was made in china, I have installed the ev mode switch and xm radio, got them from coastal electronics :), fr... 20 Jul 2006 12:18
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