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technical service bulletins
I looked on and found technical service bulletin tc003-99 listed. where can i get that technical service bulletin ? thank you ... 17 Sep 2006 17:37
97 camry differential replacement
Hi all, I've seen several posts about the differential problem associated with 4-cyl camrys. I've been told by the dealer that my differential is bad. Symptoms are a shake in the front end thats doesn't manifest in the streering wheel. I've replaced tires, cvs, rotors, drums, pads, shoes. Had a road force ba... 22 Aug 2006 17:24
Rough idle
My 97 camry 860000 miles. When i sit at a red light i feel a little vibration when my hand is on the steering wheel But when i drive the car runs smooth. When sitting still it idles at 500 rpm Any suggestions ? ... 16 Aug 2006 17:36
99 Camry fault codes
I have a CamryV6 with 100k miles and the check engine light is on steady and took it to AZ and the codes are P0441 Purge flow and P0306 #6 misfire. How do I reset these codes and what do I do about them? The engine runs fine, I can not detect a misfire, its very smooth. Someone suggested that the 441 code could... 24 Jul 2006 16:15
98 Camry Spark plug change
Hi guys\gals! My girlfriend just acquired a 98 camry 3.0 V6 freebee. I was going to change the plugs, as I do this myself on our Tacomas, but need advice on getting at the 3 in the rear? Thanks in advance if you can help, Mike ... 21 Jul 2006 15:25
Toyota Camry 1994 V6 Error Code PO770
Can somebody tell what this code mean? Thanks Amit Gaind ... 17 Jul 2006 20:42
95 camry 4 cyl ... where's the transmission dipstick?
i've been looking around for an online manual. if anyone knows the answer to this simple question i'd be very much obliged. ... 17 Jul 2006 20:42
Car Alarm Misery on 96 Toyota Camry
The ironic thing about my old 96 Toyota Camry is that the vehicle has performed fine except for the car alarm. This thing has given me so much grief, and I wish there was a simple way to just deactivate the thing. My main problem has been that the alarm will just go off at random, and my remote key only deactiv... 17 Jul 2006 20:42
1997 Camry Sport battery hassle
I replaced the battery in my car, a 1997 Camry Sport with one the dealer recommended: Optifit Battery 28800 - YZZAG 12v 70Ah 250A DIN 570A EN 6C This battery is 10Ah less than what was shown in the car specification, however the dealer said that the above battery was the current type for my car as the ca... 20 Jul 2006 19:51
Help: P0401 and P0406 ???
First check that the EGR control ports in the throttle body is not plugged up. The ports should pull full engine vacuum when the throttle plate is opened past them. Check that the EGR valve is working by pulling a vacuum on the valve. The engine should run rough or stall. It's not likely the valve or sensor will... 17 Jul 2006 20:42
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