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>>I've yet to
>> meet anyone who's bought a Prius (since '04) who's been disappointed -
>> they've all loved them.
> I haven't either and I've struck up a few conversations with owners at
> random ( I can do a man on the street interview pretty easy), the latest
> last week while at my Toyota shop getting oil changed in the Sienna. A
> chap was looking at the 2010 model at the same time I was and we had a
> long detailed conversation about it. He said he already has one and was
> thinking about getting another for the wife...He just loves his.

If he loves his 2nd gen. model, he'd extra-love the '10; has more standard
features, more power, etc.

> said it's great in the snow because, (I guess) of the traction motors on
> each wheel.

This is good to hear. I hated (make that Hated) the tires that came on my
last 2 - 3 Corollas because they were *horrible* in snow, & so wound up
buying new sets of tires for each car when the original ones were still
virtually new. Annoying, but safer. This car has what appears to be only
so-so tires on it also, but yes, traction control comes standard, so I have
my fingers crossed.

> I read another story about a fellow that slept in his with the A/C on
> all night. When the battery reached 210 volts the engine would
> automatically start up and charge the battery then shutdown. He said
> this thing could keep on like that forever. I thought Wow!!

Yes, it knows when to do what; has been programmed to be quite intelligent!

> Get this, Toyota even has an optional solar roof panel to run cooling
> fans in the car while it's parked. Maybe for those who live and work in
> Az and have to leave the car out in the parking lot all day.

Yeah, but in this area it would involve a l-o-n-g wait (maybe over a year,
acc. to the local dealership) to get one, & in this climate my guess is that
it would be more of a pricey techie fun thing to have than super-useful. But
as you say, in hot climates... OTOH, I wonder if maybe a remote starter
would work just as well (for lower temp when getting into the car) if left
the a/c on, for considerably less $...
> You've got a winner there and the gas mileage is great.

Yes, I think so, and yes! :-)


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> Congratulations!
> I know this has been a dream for a long time!

Thanks - yep, it has; required some patience! Was basically a retirement
present to myself. :-)