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> Most experts have also said that automakers who use synthetic as factory
> fill have taken special steps in the machining process to greatly reduce
> the problem of improper piston/ring seating.

Most experts are who?

> That does not mean that all automakers or all vehicle are alike in this
> regard, especially if they do not use synthetic as factory fill. There is
> no denying that when Chevy first specified factory fill of synthetic on
> the Corvette, they had a much higher incidence of problems with improper
> ring seating. Obviously, they have done something to alleviate that
> problem.

You mentioned the Corvette problems a couple of times now. I read what I
could on Corevette ring sealing problems and other than some wild internet
speculation, no one climed the use of synthetic oil was the prime cause. The
most reasonable explaination seemed to be the use of low tension rings that
were subject to flutter under frequent hard use (the sort of use one would
expect from someone buying a Corvette). GM addressed the problem by changing
the rings and pistons.


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>>> But I don't agree with the ones that use synth oil as an excuse
>>> to extend oil change skeds..
>>> I think that's just plain dumb, even if you used liquid gold as oil
>>> and the best filter money can buy.
>> OTOH, there are people who change their conventional oil every 3,000 miles.
> Few people are still clueless enough to do 3000 mile oil changes (unless
> they own a very old vehicle).

Damn right I change conventional oil at 3,000 miles!
You're a fool if you don't.

And I change my synthetic at 4,500.

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> Unlike you, I have never used Mobil 1 or any other synthetic oil in
> any of my cars.
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> Jack

Finally, a breadth of fresh air. Given your statement above, I don't think
you are qualified to discuss the subject of synthetic oil.

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> Similarly, I've been drinking fresh ground arabica coffee for 15 years,
> after switching from pre-ground robusta and my body is still operating at
> peak efficiency. It must be the arabica beans.

Your body may be OK, but your brain is fried.

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> The advantage is solely in colder climates, and for high performance
> engines. But for normal engines in temperate climates, there's no
> advantage, according to all the experts.

All the experts?

Even Ray 0. uses synthetic oil in the 3 cars he owns, even though
manufacturer does not specify it.