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"Retired VIP" <jackj.extradots.180(a)> wrote in message
> This from the guy who must own a LOT of stock in Mobil Oil. Spend
> more money if you want to save money. Makes sense to most Democrats.
> Jack

Don't own any stock in any oil company. Based on the prices I saw at
Wal-Mart a few days ago, I would switch to Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic,
which was selling for $19 for a 5 quart bottle. Mobil 1 was about $24 for 5
quart bottle. But that would probably be in situations where I changed the
oil myself, since most shops only carry Mobil 1 synthetic (I said most, not

Although I do recommend synthetic oil for most vehicles (if you switch at
about 5K miles), I don't go around and insult those who don't use it. I used
conventional oil for more than 25 years before even trying synthetic oil,
and I was very skeptical about the benefits of synthetic until I actually
tried it.

I will admit to insulting those who say people who use synthetic oil are
idiots or are getting scammed. But I will admit that some synthetic oil
marketing (such as Amsoil) is somewhat of a scam.