From: His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock on
I always say the Wisdom of the Jungle is the best to address human
behavior, particularly under conditions of extreme competition, aka
"capitalism." Such system unleashes the full potential of people to
engage in the Rat Race, and thus we must learn from rats and mice...

"This is a most interesting and enlightening collection of 3 films
from the 1940s that show various behaviorism and social psychology
experiments on lab rats. The results are very revealing both about
animal psychology and human psychology! You can't find this DVD
anywhere else. Table Of Contents: (1) Competition and Dominance
Hierarchies in Rats (1940) - This silent film from 1940 shows three
rats competing over one piece of food and the hierarchies that develop
between the rodents during the struggle - 13 Minutes (2) Motivation
and Reward in Learning (1948) - In this series of psychological
experiments on rats from 1948, behavior is influenced by reward and
punishment as the rodents learn to press a lever to get food or
perform a variety of other actions to avoid being shocked. This is an
interesting study of learned behavior and cognitive ability even in
the smallest creatures - 14 Minutes (3) Experimentally Produced Social
Problems in Rats (1940's) - The results of this study are very
intriguing. A lever is placed on one side of a box containing three
rats. When one rat learns to press the lever for food, the other rats
eat the food before the one doing the work can run and grab the food.
Eventually, the rat pressing the lever learns to drop enough food for
all of them. Amazing! Use this in the classroom as a study on


Now we are ready to understand human behavior in a scientific and fun
way. I will turn my attention to my mice as we prepare for discussion.
My latest addition to my "experiments" is to add a second wheel so the
dominant mouse --the fittest-- doesn't ignore the other.



"We must learn from all species in our ignorant ways"