From: Cliff on
"Octopus Predicts Palin For President"
In a stunning announcement this morning, Paul, the Physic Octopus, has picked
Sarah Palin to win the US presidency in 2012. With almost a perfect record in
predicting World Cup soccer games, the famous Octopus has given new life to
Republican hopes for the next presidential election.

Paul's handlers have issued a statement that reads, "There is no doubt who Paul
has picked. It is Sarah Palin. As in the soccer games, he circled both dishes of
food, one with a picture of Palin, the other with a picture of Obama. He
immediately jumped on the Palin dish and devoured it. Twenty minutes later, he
did the same thing, which makes us conclude that Palin is a bit like Chinese
food, eat it and twenty minutes later, you are hungry again. But make no
mistake, this Octopus prefers Palin!"

Reports say Palin was quite pleased with Paul's pick. "I have always preferred a
man with a decent set of tentacles," she told one journalist.

In related news, Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, has announced that he has
asked Paul to give the keynote address at the Republican national convention in

Teabaggers unite !!!