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> That is the code of the Check Engine light which came on today. I had
> just pulled out of a parking lot when it illuminated. Nothing felt
> different when driving. I became nervous since I had my kid in the car
> and had just changed my oil earlier this morning. I was wondering if
> the oil was leaking out or something funny was happeneing since I used
> Castrol instead of the usual Valvoline.
> I took it to Advance Auto and they hooked up the OBDII analyzer and
> gave me the code {P0773 - shift solenoid e circuit electrical}. I
> asked for it to be reset but he said they can't however if I was
> holding the analyzer I could. I erased the code and have driven around
> for a few miles and it remains normal.
> What is the code in relation to and what should I be wary of? Is it
> serious?

Shift solenoid e is solenoid SL in the valve body and controls the torque
converter lock-up. If the solenoid fails, it fails safe so that you will
end up with a 4 speed transmission without a lockup torque converter. To
check the solenoid, you will need a replacement transmission pan gasket and
some replacement ATF (Check to be sure, but I believe your car takes Dexron
III). Drain the transmission pan, remove the pan. If you are in the rust
belt, be careful removing the pan bolts as they may be rusted. If they are
rusted, apply a rust penetrant like PB Blaster, wait an hour, apply again,
then carefully loosen the bolts. Remove shift solenoid SL from the valve
body and measure resistance between the two terminals on the wires connected
to the solenoid. It should measure between 11 and 15 ohms. If that checks
out, apply 2 volts to the 2 terminals and see if it makes a clicking sound.
If the resistance is not correct or if you do not hear clicking, replace the
solenoid. Before you replace the transmission pan, take a look at the
screen. It will probably be clean, but while you are in there, looks are
free ;-)

When you replace the transmission pan, tighten the bolts finger-tight, then
tighten in a star pattern and refill with ATF.

Good luck!

Ray O
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