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From a Green Car perspective, electric vehicles are a priority
awaiting technical advances. Two notable EVs debuted in Tokyo: the
Subaru G4e and Mitsubishii-MIEV Sport.
The G4e is a sporty five-seater showcasing Subaru's "next-generation"
vanadium technology lithium-ion batteries. Developed in-house by
Subaru, the batteries are said to double energy density and allow the
G4e to travel 200 km on a charge. A full charge requires eight hours,
but the batteries can be juiced up with quick charge in just 15
minutes to bring them up to 80 percent capacity.

Mitsubishi's iMIEV Sport is the company's environmental flagship. It
features an advanced 330 volt lithium-ion battery and an electric
powered four-wheel-drive system utilizing three motors. Two in-wheel
motors drive the front wheels and a single motor powers the rear
wheels. The driver never needs to plug the iMIEV in, thanks to a
wireless charging system that utilizes a microwave transmitter that
can be mounted in a location like the garage floor and a receiver
that's located in the underside of the car.