From: Cliff on
"Conservatives Ponder NRA Priorities, Motives Questioned on Kagan, Reid"
.... in fear of the National Rifle Association's threat to senators that the
group will take their votes on the nominee into consideration during endorsement
time this election season.
..... the NRA's Thursday announcement that it opposes Kagan and senators who vote
for her risk their wrath -- are aimed at least in part at shoring up their
conservative credentials with supporters ......
But the tough statement out of the nation's top gun lobby may not receive as
warm a response from conservatives, who accuse the NRA of selling out, <snicker>
All have questioned recent actions by the NRA, particularly its negotiating with
Democrats to be exempted from some of the restrictions of the DISCLOSE Act, a
Democratic bill to counter the Supreme Court's ruling in support of Citizens
United, which loosened campaign finance disclosure laws.
The NRA carve-out angered liberal groups, but really lit up Republicans who were
in the midst of fighting the bill.

"The NRA is all about protecting the Second Amendment, but apparently its
leaders don't care about protecting the First Amendment," House Minority Leader
John Boehner said in a statement last Thursday -- the day the bill passed the
House. ....

It's not as if we'd want to know who is paying them in secret to "speak" for
them (NOT their "members").
Why should they think that "free speech" is secret? Is it like secret bribes?

What comes out unde that rethug tail?