From: Ed C*nrad on
NEW York (Rueters) -- It rained
on the New York Yankees' World
Series championship parade up the
"Canyon of Heroes" Friday when
it was revealed that all prices at
Yankee Stadium concession stands
will double in 2010.
Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani told
Fox News that the average total
cost for taking a family of five to
a ballgame will skyrocket to $865.
He told Glenn Beck that, not
included in that price, will be the
cost of parking your car nor the $20
fee to have your windshield squeegeed
by enterprising citizens located at
intersections near the ballpark.
The Amalgamated Squeegee
Workers Union of North America
apparently wants a bigger piece
of the Yankees' pie, said Guiliani.
It should be noted that these current
concession stand prices will be doubled,
even though there will be smaller
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