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Perhaps you should look in a parts store that specializes in IMPORTED parts?

"Michael Golden" <gfy(a)> wrote in message
> CH�IS wrote:
>> Perhaps an anchor for an arm rest bolt or similar?
>> I think I've seen these before... but naturally can't remember where
>> at the moment.
>> - Chris
> I was at NAPA today and on a whim looked at their revolving rack of
> spare body parts. Nothing looked similar.
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> I took my 2004 Solara into my Toyota dealership for inspection today.
> I also told them that we have heard something "rolling"
> inside the passenger's side door off and on for about two years. I
> had asked them to check it before but they said they found nothing.
> Today I insisted that they take the door off and lo and behold they
> found this round brass part . They said they don't know what it is
> but that it is NOT part of the door or window system. I suppose it is
> possible that someone dropped it inside the door when the window was
> down (although who when and why seems puzzling)
> Here's the question: Do you have any idea what it might be.
> I included a $1 dollar coin in the photo for a size reference. The
> part has a threaded dimple in the center and four cutouts around the
> circumference.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Here's the photo link:

Has this vehicle ever had any bodywork done to it?

That looks like a retainer nut for a fiber grinding or sanding disc.

And it's zinc-plated steel, not brass. The brassy-looking stuff is zinc
yellow dichromate.