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> "Just as in the 2009 APEAL study, all three Japanese mass market
> brands � Toyota, Honda and Nissan -- scored below the industry
> average. In this year�s study, Toyota also ranked next to last, just
> ahead of Jeep.
> The "report card showed the Detroit Three automakers catching and, in
> some cases, surpassing Asian and Europe competitors as the domestic
> brands, on average, outscored import brands for the first time in 13
> years.
> The Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study
> received 76,000 consumers� assessments on about 80 criteria after
> driving their 2010 model vehicles for three months. Power researchers
> collected responses between February and May of this year, added the
> scores and ranked 33 brands on a 1,000-point scale.
> S01/U.S.-automotive-brands-outpace-rivals-in-new-J.D.-Power-survey
I think very little of anyone who can't properly spell appeal.

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