From: His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock on
The conflict of David vs. Goliath is clearly laid out in the Eagle vs.
the Parakeet.

Eagles have been the symbol of every major empire in the last 2,000
years, but parakeets have had their role in enriching the life of
many, and through their seemingly insignificant cousins --the
finches-- they led Darwin to notice the fact of evolution. So let's
say they are more inspiring than the eagles...

Yes, the Romans, the Nazis and America have all had the eagle as the
symbol of their predation.

Parakeets on the other hand are social and may be able to talk. I'm
teaching mine to say, "banana." Cute, real cute. Can we settle then
for the symbol of the revolution --the next step in evolution-- to be
the parakeet?

NOTE: An evil cat almost ate them today! So lookout for the predator!
More lessons drawn from parakeets may follow. I want to emphasize how
much they are like humans and want to imitate others. Also notice how
God put Adam & Eve in harm's way of the predator (the serpent) knowing
all the risks involved. Not very clever idea. I've never thought the
cat could reached them, but he climbed the tree and was ready to jump.
Never go to sleep in the jungle!



"Parakeets are colorful and fun to be with. Good for a Feng Shui
environment complementing wind chimes and marijuana"