From: Mike Hunter on
The Tundra is not a poplar pickup, anywhere! Tundra sales have been in
the tank since day one. Toyota even closed the Tundra assembly plant for
three months and was dumping Tundras at the Manheim Auto Auctions for months
at a time for as low as $25,000.

Ford and GM probably sells more F150 and Sierras in a month or two than
Toyota sells Tundras in a year

"dbu`" <nospam(a)> wrote in message
> First one in a couple weeks. Between those sightings a couple weeks
> apart I saw hundreds of Ford, Chev, GM, Dodge pickups and hauling all
> sorts of cargo, along with pulling big covered trailers and open
> trailers with mowers, bobcats, and other machinery loaded.
> Sorry, but the Tundra is not a popular pickup here, at least not with
> contractors and as working vehicles.
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