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> > You don't have a GPS, do you?
> No, but I've driven with one a number of times in other's cars.
> What you describe below (ie what GPS does NOW) isn't remotely close to
> what I described.
> <JS>
> You described cameras on the car that I assume would feed into the GPS to
> give you greater depth of detail.

No, the camera is to snyc the GPS information with the view of the
car. There would also be a camera in the car that detected your eye
position. Between the two the HUD could make it appear that arrows
were on the pavement indicating lane changes and such. It could also
make it appear from the driver's perspective that street signs were
highlighted in some way (such as being surrounded by a bright yellow

> GPS already has the detail, there are models that can tell you where the
> speed cameras are located, they tell you the lane assignements for freeway
> interchanges and exits. What more do you want to know that you can't figure
> out by looking out the windows?

I actually don't need GPS at all. I can tell everything I need to
know with a map and my eyes. What I describe is an unnecessary (yet
arguably inevitable logical conclusion to the current GPS) doo-hicky.

> Points of interest -- stores, attractions, restaurants, gas stations, banks.
> And these are just the run-of-the-mill POIs, if you get a model that takes
> feeds from the AutoClub (AAA), then you get even more.
> And they now have a way to know traffic conditions so they can tell you to
> get off the freeway to go around the congestion. All of them highlight the
> suggested route, and in the case of a freeway interchange there are models
> that tell you the lane assignment. I don't have the Traffic Go Around thingy
> ($80) that my unit will accept, but I have all of the other stuff. My unit
> was $100 at Costco. You get more features and capabilities as you go up the
> pricing scale. You can get a wide-screen display, Bluetooth, built-in
> traffic monitoring, speed zone warnings, and more. Everything you asked
> about is already here. So, the question, "How long to wait?" is answered
> with, how long does it take you to get to the store? I suppose there's a
> corollary question, how much are you willing to spend?
> The only thing the current crop of GPS systems do not have that you
> expressed an interest in is the Heads Up Display.

Ding, ding. And all the other stuff I mentioned.

> They are working on HUDs now. I recall that Corvettes and a couple of
> Cadillac models had an HUD a few years ago, but I'm not sure how well they
> were accepted. HUD is not new, it is only costly and demands precise angles
> that are difficult to obtain in an automobile because of the space
> contraints. I worked on the F-111A fleet, built in the sixty's, and they had
> HUDs for all sorts of systems that updated way faster than any automotive
> system would require, so it isn't a question of technology.

Sure it is. See above and read my OP again.