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> > Help choosing a GPS
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> > Hello everyone
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> > I found a GPS that I want to buy. Garmin n�vi 260W 4.3-Inch
> > Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator
> > Does anyone know and can recommend.
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> > Thanks
> I have a NUVI 660 and I've tried it out a couple times. I find it
> too distracting to use in the city. I also don't like the idea that
> if I want to update data it will cost me $$. Frankly, I can get
> along just fine with plain old maps. If you travel a lot I'd highly
> recommend AAA and their trip service. When we made several trips
> back East we used it every time and were most pleased with the trip
> maps they provided as part of being a member. As for the GPS in the
> car, be sure that's what you want and need. It can be very
> distracting especially while in city traffic. Use caution. Save
> your money. Having said all of that, if you are a boat owner and
> traverse on the great lakes or oceans, I wouldn't be with out one
> plus a backup.

I completely agree with you. Those things are annoying, distracting,
and worst of all make you lose your sense of direction. People are
becoming robots these days, taking all their directions from machines
instead of using their own wits.

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> My limited experience is the polar opposite of what you said. I've only had
> my GPS for a couple of months, so my experience is very limited.

Don't bother me at all.
> But I can give it an address while parked, and it will take me to within a
> few feet of the address I told it I wanted to go to.

Yep. I find it easier than using a map. You have to pick up and look
at a map, while trying to keep it between the ditches at the same
It would depend on the location of the GPS, but with mine, I can look
it and still watch the road at the same time.
If it's spitting out voice instructions, you don't have to look at it
at all.
But it's handy even if you know where you are going. On long trips
it's constantly updating miles remaining, ETA, etc.. Spits out the
speed, and also the posted speed limit of the highway you are on.
So it can warn you of sneaky speed traps in many cases.
I always know exactly how fast I'm going and how much error my
speedo is showing.
Mine can use real time data for traffic, but I don't have that option.
You have to buy an extra receiver for it, and I don't really need
You can load all kinds of stuff in it. IE: I've loaded my particular
banks ATM's everywhere in the country. Also some other stuff.
Warns me of red light cameras. I've even got my exact car with
correct color as my "car" on the map. You see the tail end of a
gold Corolla.. :/
But the best part is the two ultra hotties that I've loaded as the
"start" screen, and the other as the "shutdown" screen. :)
Try getting those with a typical road map.. Chortle.. :/