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> On Mon, 09 Nov 2009 16:19:58 -0600, Ray O wrote:
>>> The Alpine wanted us to get off rt 2 before 495, and then when we were
>>> on 495 it kept telling us to get off at the next exit, and was going to
>>> route us through city centers! Even when we were 3 miles from the place,
>>> it was saying 5 miles and 25 minutes, and the TomTom was telling us
>>> three miles and 12 minutes.
>> You passed my old office off of 495, just north of 95 on the east side of
>> 495, visible from 495.
> Was it something yu rented, or did it say "Toyota"?

Toyota owned the office-warehouse building, and there was a sign on the
building that was visible from 495. My bad - I said north, but it is south
(actually east) of 95. You can google 440 Forbes Blvd, Mansfield to see it
on a map.

>> Taunton is just a little west of where I used to live, off of Route 44.
> That's where the van is...right on 44.

My old neck of the woods!


Ray O
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