From: Hachiroku ハチロク on
On Sat, 19 Sep 2009 21:10:27 -0500, KayCeeMO wrote:

> Hachiroku ハチロク wrote (snipping):
>> How's the Corona coming?
> Hey, Hachi. Thanks for asking. It's going ok, but I've hit a few snags
> along the way. Needed new front brakes (not a surprise). But the car had
> sat for loooong periods (11 years altogether) which explains the low
> mileage but also has presented some problems. I had to drop the gas tank
> to clean out rust/sediment and then coat the inside and reinstall it.
> Tires were dry rotted so it now has new rubber meeting the road. The
> markers I posted about are, according to the local Toyota dealership's
> parts department, supposed to be lamps so I'm either looking at nearly $35
> each for OEM or finding some after market substitutes (probably the way to
> go). I'll have to replace the brake hoses (dry rot there also) and get a
> driver side seat belt and it SHOULD pass inspection.
> I also need a heat/AC blower motor as well as carb and/or timing tweaks.
> I'm not discouraged. Any used vehicle is likely to need a few things and
> something this old (but, fortunately, this nice) is surely not going to be
> an exception. But, hey, it's an old TOYOTA! I did SO miss driving one.
> Karl

Ther's an '82 Corolla wagon, 78,000 miles on eBay. $3,400 IIRC. NICE!