From: Bob Noble on
So, after you did all of this, you did not put some of Subaru's radiator
conditioner or an equivalent in the radiator?
How come? It's like you didn't finish your job.
You took one shot at patching the dam. Now you have another all time chance
at it, but you failed to do it and this chance is a more continuous chance
than the one time chance you tried.
I never tried the Sub's stuff, but I have used the Barsleak stuff with the
gray pellets twice successfully on head gasket leaks.
These products have some kind of plastic stuff that floats around in the
radiator coolant and flows into leaky holes as you use the car.
I repaired the used Sub I'm driving now several years ago just after I
bought it, with it.
Lucky for you, it's still not too late to try it.
Bob Noble
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>>>>>Well, this is encouraging. What product did you use?
> Wish it were warmer, I'd just yank the d(a)mn head gaskets and do it!!!