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> On Thu, 24 May 2007 16:58:41 -0700, Doc wrote:
>> -Any suggestions on brands? Is whatever comes from Autozone, Discount
>> Auto, Napa going to work fine? Any brands to definitely avoid? Apparently
>> the shop that built my engine a couple of years ago used Victor Reinz.
>> -What about new head bolts? Do the sets normally come with bolts? Or are
>> there better options I should pursue?
>> -I feel like I should upgrade my torque wrench from the inexpensive bar
>> type I got years ago. I see Home Depot has Husky click torque wrenches for
>> around $70, do you feel it'll do the job? I gather Snap- On's run around
>> $200. I'm sure they're good but would like to save a few bucks if possible
>> to do so and get good functionality on a one-off project.
>> -I have the shop manual for this Cressida. Should the torqueing order it
>> shows be fine? In a previous thread, someone said they should be final
>> torqued to 70 ft/lbs. Anyone disagree with this?
>> What would you consider a reasonable cost range for a shop to charge to
>> disassemble, inspect, do a valve job, resurface and reassemble the heads
>> on a carry-in basis?
>> Any other recommendations/tips will be appreciated. I've installed heads
>> before but not on aluminum heads.
>> Thanks.
> From the Supras BBS:
> My 'gasket set' turned out to be a complete overhaul set, so it has abunch of o rings, and all
> of the valve stem seals and things that I was thinking that I might do as well. I guess that
> explains why it cost more than I thought it would, besides typical Toyota Parts counter
> pricing.
> My ARP head bolt set turned out to be a stud set. I guess I'll just have to settle for ARP
> studs instead of bolts. (Gee, tough luck, huh?)
> I'm just going to put in a Toyota OEM head gasket. I ran out of budget before getting to an
> HKS head gasket. I figure though that the OEM gasket should be fine with adequate torque.
> Also, since I'm not machining the head or block (Well, not PLANNING to) I figure the OEM
> gasket might have a better chance at sealing with whatever minor imperfections might be
> present. If needed though, I have clients with machine shops, and I might be able to ask a
> favor...
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> The "stud set" refers to the items that a lot of people with 7M-GEs use
> instead of bolts. You insert the studs and use nuts to hold the head on. I
> guess they're reusable with new nuts. Frankly, if I'm going to all that
> trouble, I'm gonna try to make sure it's done right the first time, and
> just use bolts (the bolts are $6-9 each depending where you get them...)

Those are for the turbo engines with 2x or 3x more power than stock.