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I hope you had your aluminum foil hat when you posted that nonsense LOL

"Brent" <tetraethylleadREMOVETHIS(a)> wrote in message
> On 2009-10-01, Mike Hunter <Mikehunt2(a)lycos> wrote:
>> I believe they would like to do that, but BO is getting into their lives
>> in
>> ways no one imagined, when he was campaigning.
> You mean ways idiots didn't imagine.
> Obama is following along pretty much as I thought he would. He's
> maintained the power of the executive and is working to expand it. He's
> kept all the major shrub policies intact and working to expand some of
> them. His health care reform is the creation of a cartel to better the
> profits of the insider corporations just as anything else done before
> him. In the model of FDR he's had resources destroyed to prop up prices
> (cash for clunkers). The list goes on, but he's working pretty much as I
> thought he would. Not that McInsane would have done any differently.
> Perhaps McInsane would have war with Iran by now but O's working on
> that by trying to trump up non-issues.
>> The problem seem to be they were not really listening to what he was
>> actually saying during the campaigning. The things he is screwing with
>> were the things he TOLD them he was going to "change," but few ever
>> thought
>> they would be such terrible changes.
> Just us crackpots, paranoids, and others dismissed as nutcases were
> saying what 'change' really was. Looks like the loonies were right
> again.