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Duh! The Tundra in the commercial pulling the 10,000 LB was not a base
model with a six speed tranny


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>> Get real. Ford is the Silverado competition not the Tundra. Ford sells
>> 35%
>> of the full-size trucks in the US. Chevy 30% and Toyota a measly 5%.
>> The
>> base engine in the Tundra is a only a V6. The F150 has a six speed and a
>> V8
>> is standard as well. The Tundra is just beginning to catch up to the
>> build
>> quality of what GM, Ford and Dodge have been offering in their truck for
>> years
>> mike
> The base engine in the Silverado is a V6 as well.

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On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 14:14:52 -0500, dbu., wrote:

> 1982 Olds Cutlass, transmission crapped out aprox 50000 miles, owner (me)
> pays up.

GM got investigated for this. Seems they were putting a Chevette trans
(made for a ~100 HP car) into cars with >100 HP.

Shoot, they were putting them in V-8 Caddies!

If you had raised a stink, GM would have replaced it for free. But,
with you not knowing it was a Chevette tranny, can you guess what they
would have replaced it with?

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>> Borrowed off the Internet....I am just the messenger, although I agree
>> that the new Tundra ads are deliberately misleading....
>> Lou Kaltenstein
>> President
>> Gene Norris Buick-GMC Trucks Inc./Norris Auto Group 18170 Bagley Rd
>> Middleburg Hts., Ohio 44130
>> There has been a lot of talk about Toyota Tundra's new ads and how
>> impressive they are. Here are some myths about their spots that I have
>> found and that should be refuted. Also, they are offering a "IVC" type
>> program on Tundra to help with sales.
> [chop]
> Oh My God! An ad that's actually a dramatization! You could knock me
> over with a feather!
> Lou's just jealous. In this article, note the SPD (sales per dealer)
> figures:

No wonder Chevy dealers are just about GIVING the Cobalt away!

> (towards the bottom of the article proper) Buick gets a mention that
> explains Lou's jealousy.

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On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 19:53:54 -0400, "Mike Hunter"
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>I guess we can assume you do not go to many bone yards. As a percentage of
>the trucks sold in the US, there are a hell of a lot more rusted Toyota
>trucks in the bone yards ;)

I'm sure that's something that you really kept track of and have proof
of. Perhaps you read too many GM brochures.
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I did not say the Toyota was better. I know GM builds a great truck. I
worked for Chevy dealer for 33 years. I know Toyota is just coming into
the large pick-up market and has some thing to learn. That does not mean
that their product is not a good truck. GM's build quality is up to world
standard now ,I agree with that. But Toyota has always had build quality
the rest of the world wishes they had. Scott