From: Mike Hunter on

From: "Mike Hunter" <Mikehunt2(a)lycos,com>
Subject: Re: {OT:} Any of our rightwingnuts arrested today in DC?
Date: Thursday, November 05, 2009 7:35 PM

You are confused, you are thinking of the Service workers union goons that
were doing all of the rabblerousing in DC, because they are expecting yet
another free government hand out from BO and the Dims in Congress LOL

"edspyhill01" <edspyhill01(a)> wrote in message
> Any of our esteemed rightwingnut rabble-rousers get arrested protesting
> healthcare today, Nov 05, 2009 in Washington, DC? I'm going there
> this weekend and I hope the protesting geezers didn't trash the place.